The Logistics & Transportation industry has heavily contributed in globalization and the reverse is equally true. With the growing demands of globalization, all the segments of the Logistics and transportation industry including air transport, motor freight, railroad, water transportation, pipelines, logistics (3PL/4PL) providers or couriers and support services – are pressed for improving the operations and meeting greater customer expectations, improving return on assets, minimizing operating costs and optimizing capacity. Also, more and more manufacturers are adopting the just-in-time inventory management mode which is in turn forcing the freight-transport industry to constantly restructure and meet their demands.

Complete Range of Services

A2 INFOSYSTEM provides a complete range of services for the Logistics & Fleet management companies which help them fight these challenges. A2 INFOSYSTEM understands the dynamics of the environment which demand that the IT investment decisions are made in such a way that they help minimize costs and provide the intelligence to optimize inter-modal flows, both from logistics and fleet management perspective.

IT Consulting and Software Services for All the Major Sectors

Our IT consulting and software services serve all the major Logistics & Transportation segments namely goods, logistics, travel and passenger. Our Logistics and Fleet management solutions comprise:

  • Application development and maintenance
  • Legacy transformation solutions
  • Verification and validation services
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • RFID Solutions
  • Enterprise applications including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel and other leading third party packages
  • EDI solutions like Microsoft BizTalk, IBM WebSphere ® Data Interchange V3.3 etc.

Our solutions help our clients in the logistics and fleet management industry to adopt new technologies that allow time-specific delivery and electronic tracking of cargo. For example, In-cab mobile computers, transponders and satellites are more and more being used to monitor goods and vehicles efficiently.