Migration Services

2 Infosystem dedicated team focused on research and continuous development of best practices, methodologies, and tools to deliver solutions that reduce migration effort and development cycle time thereby reducing cost and time to market.

At A2 Infosystem, we bank on our in-depth experience in developing and managing application requirements of various Fortune companies to offer you scalable end-to-end custom solutions. While collaborating with the stakeholders and using proven engagement models, A2 Infosystem aligns its development, renewal, management, testing, information management and mobility solutions with customer's business context. To meet business requirements, our solutions proactively respond to technology challenges.

What We do

Migration Assessment

  • Application rationalization, inventory identification, migration strategy definition, migration roadmap definition, optional POC

Application Porting

  • Port an application to a new operating system or database

Application Upgrade

  • Within same operating environment

  • Language version, OS version, database version, IDE/tools version, product scripting

Application Re-Engineering

  • New/improved business functionality and operation

  • Reverse engineering, POC (recommended), partial or full redevelopment, warranty support, optional maintenance support

Legacy Migration

  • Language migration

  • SOA enablement

  • Web enablement

  • Platform migration

  • Re-engineering

  • Data migration

Architecture Migration

  • Legacy to webservices

  • Any to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Groupware Migration

  • Web enablement

  • Platform migration

  • Enterprise integration

  • Mail migration

Data Migration

  • Schema translation, data migration, data cleansing

Database Migration

  • Porting

  • Migration

  • Re-engineering

  • Upgrade

How we do

Process Based Approach

A2 Infosystem's process based approach helps in smooth transition of your application without any setback on your valuable data and at the same time retaining the basic features of your established business model.

Standard Approach

We follow standard approach in all the above categories to ensure,

Robust, scalable and secure applications that exercised best industry practices.
Extensive expertise on Architecture consulting, componentization, code reuse & data migration, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), application support and migration of legacy systems.
Qualified & experienced pool of talented engineers & consultants having experience across array of platforms and industries
Transparent approach towards continuous communication and collaboration about the process flows and project status.

Technologies we cover

We have a creative and experienced team of engineers &
consultants who are proficient in technologies like C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, ASP, C++, PHP, Java/J2EE, Oracle and so forth to develop a complete custom application that meets your business requirements.
Upgrading legacy systems to web based systems, upgrading old VB/ ASP Applications to .NET Framework and migrating C/C++/Java Applications from one hardware platform to another.

  • Service
  • Solution
  • Customer Advantage