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Infosystem constantly works on innovative engagement models that meet business objectives, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs and address risks. Our engagement models are designed to promote long term relationship with the customer, focusing on the letter and spirit of the requirements. A Customer oriented engagement model is a critical success factor for any software development project.

A2 Infosystem’s Global Delivery Model is the combination of onshore and offshore development and is the most remarkable method for the delivery of IT-services. It promises top-quality development, onsite delivery and faster project cycles – at a refreshingly affordable rate. Our teams have perfected the art of Global Delivery Model and provide a definitive answer to both short-term budget constraints and long-term IT cost structures. This is done by sharing the project responsibilities between the onshore and offshore teams that lowers the total cost of the project.

Global Delivery Model at A2 Infosystem

In today's global economy, corporations strive continuously to improve their IT performance and manageability

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